Current Work

To view information regarding South Bay Salt Pond construction efforts visit our Current Work page


Measuring Progress

In 2003, we launched a 50-year effort to restore South Bay wetlands, expand Bayside public access and provide for flood management.

Here is what the Restoration Project has accomplished to date:


Progress in Pictures: Before & After

Tidal Marsh Restoration

Island Ponds salt flat to wetlands, 2002 – 2012


Island Ponds salt flats to wetlands close-up, 2005 - 2015


Island Ponds mudflat to vegetation in one year, 2008 – 2009

Habitat Enhancement

Our habitat work also optimizes salt ponds for waterbirds and shorebirds, altering water levels and salt levels and adding islands and mounds.

See the changes as we turned acres of salt-crusted moonscape at Ravenswood’s SF2 Pond to a wet pond with 30 nesting islands for birds:

Pond SF2 salt flats to nesting islands, 2008 - 2015

Restoration Project Milestones

View our progress over the years.